How Solar PV Works

Solar Power is the cleanest, most viable form of renewable energy available.

The light (radiance) from the sun is absorbed by solar panels on your roof and is converted into DC electricity. This DC electricity is converted to AC electricity by an inverter. AC electricity can either be used by your appliances, or exported onto the electricity grid via your import-export meter. The NET feed in tariff structure in Australia means that only the extra electricity that isn't used by your house is exported onto the grid (i.e. your house uses it first).


Our Products

We take the take the time to actively search for the most cost effective and well manufactured products on the market. All of the systems we use come with a market leading, Australian 25 year power output warranty. Our array frames are aluminum and stainless steel. We are committed to our long term warranties and service the equipment we have installed.

Your investment in solar will:

    Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from your home and/or business
    Reduce your electricity bill cost
    Reduce the energy demand on the electricity utility
    Help to promote renewable energy in our community
    Give you great satisfaction, knowing you are doing your part to help our environment