Tesla Powerwall Adelaide

tesla musk

Since the serial entrepreneur Elon Musk announced the advent of the Tesla Powerwall, the Adelaide solar installer network has been talking about it. When will arrive? What will demand be like? How good is it?

Well its here at last. We have 2 options so far announced to get it working in Australia, the first is to use the SolarEdge Optimiser inverter solution, our favourite, because individual panel information is combined with the Tesla Power wall state of charge, recorded online and can be view anywhere in the world via a simple app. Demand for SolarEdge has been very high here in Adelaide, so we can only summarise this is the public's choice too.

  1. Perhaps the fact you can easily upgrade to incorporate the Tesla Powerwall battery bank in the future has something to do with Adelaide's reasoning?
  2. Perhaps the singular DC conversion, improving efficiency?
  3. Perhaps the ease of information access via the SolarEdge app monitoring platform?
  4. Or perhaps because the only other compatible inverter announced is from Fronius and is not available to date?!

The problem with the Fronius option is that the range available at the beginning of 2016 is not compatible and cannot be upgraded to incorporate the Tesla Powerwall technology. You would need to change your whole inverter system to add the hybrid inverter to upgrade to the Tesla Powerwall if you don't use SolarEdge to date.