SolarEdge Optimisers

The advantage in using SolarEdge optimisers are fantastic. As installers, they give us the ultimate flexibility. We can aim to generate power all day long and most importantly, when YOU demand it.

We have had our best results in and around Adelaide with these inverter systems, with extremely high customer satisfaction rates. The biggest issue for us has been the labour time in installing the optimiser under each panel. This has been solved in 2016 with the availability of the Canadian Solar Integrated SolarEdge module. This panel actually comes out of the packet with the SolarEdge Optimiser stuck onto the back of the panel cutting our installation times down and we have been able to pass significant savings onto our customers. We are proud to say we were the first company in SA to install the newly available Canadian Solar Integrated modules to great effect in Swan Aveune, Klemzig.

How does it work (the technical bit)?

Each optimiser is controlled by the inverter and injects as much current as it can obtain every second of the day and feeds that into the DC string. At the same time the inverter tells the optimiser what voltage it wants the optimiser to inject into the DC string. The inverter wants to see a voltage around 350Vdc for the most efficient conversion of energy from DC to AC at 230V. The systems is in constant flux but thanks to the high quality components and quality manufacture, SolarEdge give a 12 year warranty, second to none in the market.