Tesla Power Wall

About Tesla:

Tesla was founded by a group of engineers in America in 2003. Since then it has been a leading global presence in the design, manufacture and sales of electric vehicles and battery products. The Tesla Power Wall is a long awaited product that is about to change the way we use power in our homes.

The Tesla Power Wall:

The Tesla Power Wall allows the owner to use stored power generated by their PV system in the day in the evening. The evening is when most households have their highest power consumption and there is no little sunlight to offset it with PV systems, when the PV power is no longer capable of powering the home, the Tesla Powerwall takes over. The Tesla Power Wall could also be charged by the grid in the hours when electricity rates are low and in times of less daylight hours.

The Tesla Power Wall can be an emergency backup during a power cut. It can also enable a house hold to be a completely off the grid.

How it Works:

DC power generated by solar panels in the day directly charges the Tesla Power Wall. When it is fully charged excess power goes to the inverter where it is converted to AC power and can be used by the house or sold to the grid.