Solar Edge


About Solar Edge:

Since 2010 Solar Edge has become a global leader in the solar industry by making PV panels more effective with their DC power optimizers. It has already had its products installed in over 88 countries, in both domestic and commercial PV systems. Solar Edge has already sold over eight million power optimizers and more than 340,000 inverters (2015). The first was installed in Adelaide in 2011.

In 2012 Solar Edge won the Inter Solar Award and is also a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ since 2015.

Solar Edge Power Optimizers:

On a standard PV system if one panel is not performing at its peak (due to shading or damage) the output of all the panels in the system is affected. By transforming the way a standard PV system works, Solar Edge has been able to ensure maximum performance from every panel with the use of their DC power optimisers. The Solar Edge optimizers read the output of each panel individually and relay that voltage to the inverter. This means that if one panel is under performing it doesn’t reduce the performance of the whole system.

Solar Edge also has free Android and iOS applications so you can view the performance of the system at any time.

Unlike in a standard PV system, in a Solar Edge system when the AC power has been turned off the DC wires discharge voltage automatically to ensure added safety for maintenance and installation personnel and property.