How Micro Inverters Work

Micro Inverters connect directly to each panel, meaning that the output from each panel is AC not DC. Not only is this a much safer way of wiring a solar system, it is also much more efficient. Some losses in performance on a normal string inverter come from the lengths of DC wiring required. By removing the DC wiring, a micro inverter system doesn't have these losses.

Micro inverters also provide greater flexibility in the layout of the panels on the roof and the ability to expand your system. A string inverter requires panels to be installed in specific groups on the roof. Because micro inverters are connected individually to each panel, you can install as many as will physically fit on the roof! Expanding your system is incredibly easy as well. You can literally expand one panel at a time if you like!


Micro Inverters vs String Inverters

Both micro inverters and string inverters have their pros and cons. Here are a few of the main differences between each of them:

Micro Inverters

  • Very easy to expand the system
  • Greater flexibility in panel layout
  • Increased efficiency
  • Superior system monitoring
  • Increases shade tolerance of system
  • Safer system wiring with AC panels


String Inverters

  • Cheaper initial cost
  • Greater range of system sizes available
  • Internationally recognised brands